Permits and Authorisations

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1.1 Special Flight Permit

The Authority may issue a special flight permit to the operator of an aircraft whose certificate of airworthiness is not in force, or to the owner of an aircraft that does not qualify for the issue of a certificate of airworthiness as specified in BAR Part 21 Subpart E.

(a) Permit to Fly

The Authority may issue a Permit to Fly in respect of non-type certificated aircraft (e.g. kit planes, microlights, balloons, etc.) Such aircraft are normally registered under Special category and do not qualify for a certificate of airworthiness. An application for a Permit to Fly shall be made to the Authority on CA Form 2(1) in accordance with the requirements set out in AEN 35.

(b) Ferry Flight Permit

The Authority shall grant a Ferry Flight Permit to an operator of an aircraft or the holder of an air operator certificate issued under BAR Part 119 only for the purpose of flying the aircraft, whose certificate of airworthiness is not in force, to a place where maintenance, permanent repairs or alterations are to be performed; and provided that the operator provides the Authority with sufficient technical justification confirming that the aircraft is fit for the intended flight or journey. The procedure for application for a ferry flight permit is laid down in AEN 35.