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Training Organizations

Approval of Aviation Training Organisations (ATO)

  • Publication FSN NO:24
  • ATO Manual
  • List of ATOs


Aviation Training

wdt_ID Name of the Company Base Address Phone Fax
1 Sefofane F.T .C Maun Private, Bag 159, Maun +267 6860778 +267 6861649
Name of the Company Base Address Phone Fax


  • Application should be made in form CA 61-01.15
  • ATO Manual
  • List of ATOs

CAAB Approved Medical Providers

Approval of Aviation Medical Examiners (AME)

  • AME in Botswana have been approved to accept applications and perform physical examinations necessary to determine qualifications for the issue and renewal of aviation medical examinations.
  • Criteria for Designation


  • Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English Language
  • Posses a licence to practice medicine in Botswana or meet the medical licensing requirements of the applicable military service.
  • Experience/Training in Aviation medicine will be an added advantage

Duration of Designation

  • Designation will be valid for a period of three years


  • Application should be made in form CA 67-40
  • Publication
    AME Designation
  • Contacts of AMEs

Maintenance Organisations

Approval of Aircraft Maintenance Organizations

Organizations that wish to undertake maintenance of aircraft registered in Botswana are required to hold an appropriate approval granted by the Authority under the requirements of BAR Part 145.

The procedure for grant or renewal of the Certificate of Approval is set out in AEN 24. The application shall be made to the Authority on CA Form 45. The same form shall also be used for application for extension of the approval to include additional ratings and authorizations.