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Botswana as a Contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation has an obligation to ensure that Air Navigation Services (ANS), Aerodrome and Ground Aids (AGA) and Aviation Security (AVSEC) services in Botswana are provided as per the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) contained in the relevant Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and the requirements contained in the associated ICAO Documents.
CAAB is committed to providing world class safe, secure and efficient aviation services. To achieve this, an Aviation Certification and Regulatory Oversight (ACRO) Unit was formed within the Flight Safety Directorate of CAAB.

Functions And Responsibilities Of ACRO

ACRO is responsible for the regulatory, safety and security oversight functions of ANS, AGA and AVSEC, these are carried out as follows;

1.    Regulate the use of the airspace with respect to civil air navigation in the airspace over the territory of Botswana and other areas which Botswana has accepted the responsibility for the provision of ANS, AGA and AVSEC services.

2.    Regulate the use of airspace with respect to installations, buildings and structures away from aerodromes but within the territory of Botswana, where such installations, buildings and structures are deemed to have potential impact in the use of the airspace for air navigation purposes.
3.    Certify/license appropriate ANS, AGA and AVSEC service providers in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures.

4.    Carry out risk evaluations in the ANS, AGA and AVSEC fields, identify and record risk factors and any security or safety findings, casual factors and associated corrective actions.
5.    Ensure necessary enforcement actions are taken in accordance with regulations and the CAAB enforcement policy where safety or security violations or deviations made by certified/licensed service providers.

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