1. Approval of Maintenance Programs, Maintenance Control manuals and Minimum Equipment Lists

Aircraft maintenance programmes/schedules and other documents used for maintenance and operation of aircraft are approved by the Airworthiness Inspectorate in conjunction with the Flight Operations Inspectorate. Such documents may be amended from time to time as necessitated by service experience, aircraft utilization, manufacturers’ recommendations. In any case, no amendments shall be embodied in the documents without prior discussion with and approval by the Authority.

2. Approval of Changes to Type Certificates (i.e. Modifications)

A modification or repair shall not be embodied to any part of an aircraft registered or operating in Botswana without approval from the Authority of the State of Registry, except those modifications and repairs called for by service bulletins (SB) or airworthiness directives (AD) from the State of Design.


  2.1. An application for modification approval shall be made on CA Form 81 using a      procedure explained in AEN 05. The application must be accompanied by full details of the proposed modification, together with a non-refundable application fee.

3. Approval of Aircraft Maintenance Organizations

Organizations that wish to undertake maintenance of aircraft registered in Botswana are required to hold an appropriate approval granted by the Authority under the requirements of BAR Part 145.

The procedure for grant or renewal of the Certificate of Approval is set out in AEN 24. The application shall be made to the Authority on CA Form 45. The same form shall also be used for application for extension of the approval to include additional ratings and authorizations.

4. Evaluation, Approval and Monitoring of Authorised Persons(e.g. Delegated Examiners)
  • Delegated Examiner is a pilot employed by an operating company as a competency check pilot, who has been approved by the authority to conduct periodic tests i.e. IR renewals
  • Guidance for Delegated Examiner s
    The objective of this manual is to provide information for the issue and renewal of DEA and promote standardized flight testing
  • Contacts of DEs