Scheduled Air Operators

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A scheduled flight means that tickets to this flight are sold via various sales channels around the world. Scheduled flights may have connection flights. Scheduled flights are;

  • Air Botswana
  • SA Air link
  • Ethiopian Airlines

Scheduled Air Operators

Air BotswanaGaboroneP.O. Box 92, Gaborone, Botswana +267 3952812+267 3973310

List of AOC Holders Contact

Air BotswanaClement 3688549

Note: All scheduled operators suspended their flights at the end of March due to covid 19.

The only international flights we have been receiving are repatriation flights, cargo and mercy flights. Ethiopian Airlines has frequent repatriation and cargo flights into SSKIA DHL has frequent cargo flights into SSKIA

At the beginning of August local flights were open for operation. i.e Mack air and Air Botswana. GBE- MUB has proven to be the most popular route. So far there has been only one flight to Francistown and one flight to Kasane.