Communication, Navigation and Surveillance

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  1. The function of CNS is to ensure the reliability and availability of all CNS facilities for provision of ATS and AIS services at airports and in the Botswana air space.
  2. Prepare project profiles and technical specifications for all ANS required facilities and
  3.  prepare Aviation System Upgrade Block (ASBU) as per ICAO requirement.
  4. Install, test and commission newly purchased ANS facilities.
  5. Study operational aspects of all ANS Equipment and determine the mean time between failures (MTBF) as well as mean time to repair (MTTR).
  6. Inspect, monitor and control the reliability and availability of ANS facilities.
  7. Ensure availability of spare parts for all ANS equipment to improve availability and efficiency of ANS facilities.
  8. Provide technical trainings for CNS maintenance personnel on Communication and Navigation facilities.
  9. Conduct routine and preventive maintenance of all ANS Equipment.
  10. Maintenance of all ATS Communication, Navigation and surveillance Systems.
  11. Flight check and calibrate all Navigation and landing Aids.
  12. Ensures all the services for the compliance with the standards and recommended practices (SARPS) of ICAO annex. 10.