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CAAB Successfully Completes Air Navigation Service Provider Certification

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17 February 2023, Gaborone; This month, the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana successfully completed a 5 Phase Certification process to Certify the Directorate of Air Navigation Services (DANS) and the Department of Meteorological Services (DMS) at the Sir Seretse Khama, Maun, PG Matante & Kasane International Airports to provide Air Navigation Services in Botswana. The 4 airports received certificates, a further indication to the aviation community that Botswana airspace, including its airports, have achieved acceptable level of compliance in safety.

The 5 Phase certification process began with an application from Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to the ANS Regulator, Aviation Standards and Safety Oversight (ASSO) for provision of Air Navigation Services . This was subsequently followed by an intensive evaluation of ANSPs developed manuals and later the physical inspection of ANSPs operations and facilities. Successful outcomes of the first four phases culminated in the final phase of the process, the issuing of certificates.

These certificates authorize DANS and DMS to provide Air Traffic Services, Search and Rescue, Aeronautical Information Services, Aeronautical Cartography, Procedures for Air Navigation Service Operations, Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Aeronautical Meteorology.

The certificates are valid for 5 years with the next audit due in 2027/2028.