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CAAB Engages HATAB To Discuss Aerodrome Regulations

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Gaborone 15 February 2022: Operators should understand that regulations cannot be “toned down”, however “Alternative Means of Compliance” (AltMOC) can be explored.  AltMOC would mean that operators need to find different approaches to their current methods to try to achieve compliance stated CAAB’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Bao Mosinyi when meeting the Hospitality and Tourism Association (HATAB) delegation this week.

The HATAB delegation consisted of management and representatives of operators from camps, lodges, and air charter companies to discuss compliance issues with the CAAB as a Regulator. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss aerodrome regulations, in particular the requirement for aerodrome operators to have security programs.

CAAB emphasized the non-negotiable Regulatory expectations both in aerodrome and security issues and the need to comply on the part of the Operators.

Dr Mosinyi emphasized that CAAB will work together with HATAB to ensure compliance. The meeting concluded with a call for  continued conversation with stakeholders.