Aviation Standards & Safety Oversight

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The Directorate is charged with the Certification, licensing and carrying out of Safety Oversight functions in Air Navigation Services and Aerodromes and Ground Aids (design and operations).

ASSO is also charged with establishment of a State Safety program, a program meant to ensure an acceptable level of safety in Botswana is achieved and maintained.  ASSO also ensures establishment and provision of Search and Rescue services, a state mandate as signed for in the Convention on International Civil Aviation

Responsibilities of ASSO

  1. Regulate the use of the airspace with respect to civil air navigation in the airspace over the territory of Botswana and other areas in which Botswana has accepted the responsibility for the provision of air navigation
  2. Regulate the use of the airspace with respect to installations, buildings and structures away from aerodromes but within the territory of Botswana, where such installations, building and structures are deemed to have potential impact in the use of the airspace for air navigation
  3. Approval of Instrument Flight Procedures
  4. Approval of obstacles installation
  5. Regulate facilities and services of Aerodromes in Botswana
  6. Carry out risk evaluations in the ANS and AGA fields, identify and record risk factors and any safety findings, causal factors and associated corrective actions
  7. Issue ANS and AGA service provider operation approvals
  8. Monitoring the continued compliance of regulatory provisions, implementation of corrective action plans, and implementation of major changes in the provision of services including related systems;
  9. Conduct surveillance (audit and inspections) on ANS and AGA services and facilities in Botswana