Air Transport


The Directorate/Department is mandated with providing the policy and economic framework to ensure the continued growth of aviation in Botswana, to provide a balanced and comprehensive mechanism for the assessment and development of aviation. The Air Transport Directorate has two divisions, the Planning, Policy and Economic Regulation and the International Relations and Statistics. The Planning, Policy and Economic Regulation division is responsible for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and review of the air transport policy.

International Relations and Statistics division works closely with the policy and planning Division to ensure that policy directions of the Authority are considered when developing new agreements and interacting with International Aviation bodies. It is also responsible for the capture and analysis of all types of traffic data which is critical to the Authority in terms of maximising revenue generation and negotiating bilateral and airline agreements.

1. Submission of Renewal of a Licence

An application for the renewal of a licence shall be submitted to the Authority not later than two months prior to the date of expiry of a licence, and shall be accompanied by a renewal fee as set out in the scheme of aeronautical fees. Where an application for renewal is made after the period specified, the Authority may renew the licence, subject to the payment of a fine of P2 000 for each day the licence has not been renewed, which amount shall not be calculated to exceed three months from the date of expiry. Where a licensee does not renew a licence within three months of its expiry, the Authority shall revoke that licence.

2. Submission of an Aerial Work Permit For a Foreign Registered Aircraft

A person operating a foreign registered aircraft shall not conduct any aerial work unless he or she is authorised to do so by the Authority. Such person who wishes to obtain an authorisation to conduct any aerial work shall make an application in writing, to the Authority at least one month before the commencement of the operation that it is applied for.

Notwithstanding the provision B above a person may, incase of emergency and with the consent of the Authority, apply in writing, to the Authority, within a period shorter than one month. An application under this regulation shall be accompanied by —

(a) a tax clearance certificate;
(b) such fees as may be prescribed under Schedule 2;
(c) certificate of airworthiness;
(d) certificate of registration;
(e) crew licence(s);
(f) authorisation from State of operator to conduct aerial work; and
(g) any other document as may be required by the Authority.

Flights scheduled and performed for remuneration according to a published timetable, which are open to direct booking by members of the public; and extra section flights occasioned by overflow traffic from scheduled flights.

Airlines operating in Botswana are;

  • Air Botswana
  • Air Namibia
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • SA Airlink
  • South African Express

These are charter flights and, special and inclusive tour flights, other than those reported under scheduled flights, performed for remuneration on an irregular basis including empty flights related thereto, air taxi operations, commercial business flights, and blocked-off charters.

All civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire (Annex 6, Part II) These include non-commercial business flights, aerial work, instructional and pleasure flying, and other flying.


The report presents a summary of the latest aviation statistics which records data on aircraft and air passengers transported in and out of Botswana at the six major airports overseen by Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB). The information reported include aircraft, passenger, cargo and overflight movements.


Air Transport Forms

Air Service Licence
Aircraft Lease
Air Transport Permit