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Corporate Governance

The CAAB strives to apply the overarching corporate governance principles of fairness, accountability and transparency and has adopted various measures and practices consistent with best practice and implements the recommendations of various governance codes around the world.

The CAAB is a Statutory Corporation reporting to the Minister for the time being responsible for civil aviation, currently the Minister of Transport and Communications, (the "Minister"). The Minister is the Aeronautical Authority of Botswana with the power to give written directions to the CAAB and to delegate some of his or her functions to the CAAB.

The CAAB is governed by a 9-member Board with responsibility for the general control of the performance and management of the undertakings and affairs of the CAAB. The Board is composed of professionals in aviation, engineering, accounting, human resources, government and the legal fields appointed by the Minister of Transport and Communications. A formal induction programme is arranged for new Board Members. Board Members are appointed for a maximum term of 3 years and are eligible for reappointment.