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Board Members

The Board works through Committees to ensure that matters receive closer scrutiny while improving the effectiveness and pace of high level decision making. The current Board and Committee composition is set out below:

Member Expertise Appointment and Tenure Position
Mr Mark Sampson
Civil Aviation Appointed 01/10/2017 
Board Chairman

Mr. Leslie Trotter
  Appointed 01/07/2016 

Board Member, Human Capital and Administrative Committee


Mr Thembinkosi John

  Appointed 11/02/2016  Board Member, Technical Services and Customer Services Committee


 Mr. Asad Petkar




 Board Member, Finance and Audit Committe


 Mr. Geoffrey Moshabesha

   indefinite  Ex-Officio Member




Except for the Chief Executive Officer, other members of the Board are not part of the Executive Management Team (EMT) and are independent of the management of the Authority. The executive management executes the strategic objectives and implements policies as set by the Board, The EMT is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, and consisting of directors of the following Directorates: Human Capital and Administration, Finance, Airports, Air Transport, Flight Safety, Corporate Secretary and Air Navigation Services.

The CAAB has an internal audit function reporting administratively to the CEO and functionally to the Board and the Finance and Audit Committee. An Internal Audit Charter that reaffirms the independence of the audit function has been approved by the Board. The CAAB’s accounts are audited by the Auditor-General in terms of section 32 of the CAA Act.

The CAAB consults with stakeholders from time to time on matters such as legislation, regulatory requirements and charges and also on other matters of interest to various players in the aviation industry.

Though wholly owned by the Government of Botswana, the CAAB is financially and administratively autonomous. The CAAB’s operational and financial oversight is achieved through a series of statutory requirements including the obligations to produce a 5 year business plan, audited financial statements for each financial year, annual budget and an annual report. The financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The CAAB is preparing to enter into a performance agreement with the Government that will enhance its capacity to meet the operational and financial targets set out in the Business Plan.