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Airports of Entry for Common Areas

The aerodrome of entry and departure for traffic from common customs area only. Prior arrangements for customs and immigration should be made before the intended departure and arrival.
No traffic beyond common customs areas should use these airports for entry and departure purposes but instead use international major airports. 


GHANZI/ Ghanzi 21 41 48.90S 021 39 11.80E
JWANENG/Jwaneng 24 36S 024 40E
LIMPOPO VALLEY/Limpopo Valley 22 11 25.05S 029 07 35.25E
ORAPA/Orapa 21 16S 025 19E
SHAKAWE/Shakawe 18 22S 021 49E
SUA PAN/Sua Pan  20 33 12S 026 06 56E