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Passengers Security

Passengers Information
Security measures are taken to inspect persons and property being brought into
restricted areas of airports and on all departing passengers, baggage and cargo.
Refusal to submit to inspection will result in prohibition to enter an airport
restricted area or to board an aircraft.
There is an international restriction on the carriage of Liquids, Aerosol and
Gels (LAGs) on board aircraft.  Passengers are allowed to carry a total of 100 ml
in a Security Temper Prove Bags (LAGs) in their carry-on baggage.

A passenger who has taken excess alcohol will not be allowed access into any airport
restricted areas or board the aircraft.

Access to departure lounges and to board flights is through production of:
1. A ticket and a valid boarding pass.
2. National Passport (for all international travel and none citizens).
3. National Identity Cards for domestic travel for Botswana Nationals only.
   Non-citizens are required to produce National Passports for all local travel.

The following is required from all passengers:
1. Not to leave items of baggage unattended at any time while in an airport terminal building. 
2. Not to place dangerous or restricted goods in personal baggage. 
3. Not to accept baggage for carriages from other persons, if you do, passengers are required
   to declare it to the airline. (They may be carrying dangerous goods, devices or other items
   exposing them to danger and/or criminal prosecution as an unwitting accomplice).
4. Items accepted from other persons, to be declared at check-in for inspection. Electric or
   electronic devices have the potential of being used to conceal explosive devices.
5. Baggage containing electric or electronic devices should be declared at check-in. If not
   declared such items and are discovered, the airline may refuse to carry the baggage. 
6. The following items are forbidden in the departure lounges and flight cabin:
    a. Weapons including toy weapons
    b. Scissors
    c. Blades
    d. Flammable liquids
    e. Sharp instruments
    f. Knifes
    g. Umbrellas
    h. Syringes and needles
    i. Crackers or similar objects

7. At the Passenger Screening Points
Passengers are required to place the following items in a tray for separate X-ray screening
or physical search:
    a. Laptop computers (removed from their cases). The passenger may be required to turn     it   on.
    b.  Coats and jacks
    c. Large cameras
    d.  Keys and coins
    e.   Belts
    f.  Mobile phones
   g. Shoes
   h. Wrist watches and necklaces
   i.  Purses